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Workforce Beat is a research base company that seeks to analyze the current state of professionals who are unemployed within any given community, and teens who are seeking employment.

Our research is based on identifying and developing strategies that are quantifiable to job seekers and employers.

Our research tools are surveys intended to locate employers who are looking to hire qualified candidates. The same tool will be used to analyze the day to day activities of professionals who are currently unemployed in order to determined the best course of action for workforce readiness.

The purpose of our research is to collect data on the number of qualified professionals who are currently unemployed due to employment gaps, references, skills gaps, from entrepreneurship to workforce reentry, career mismatch, lack of training, and workplace identifiers such as job dissatisfaction, motivation, and poor leadership.

The goal of our research is to allocate resources for professionals who are currently unemployed and partner with organizations who are willing to apply alternative and creative approaches to their interviewing process.


Workforce Beat mission is to provide solutions for workforce sustainability by identifying, tracking, and improving communication standards and skills in the workplace.


Workforce Beat vision is to create a platform that identify job dissatisfaction early in one's career, and reduce the number of qualified professionals who are currently unemployed nationwide. 

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!


To assist employers with placement rates, retention, and advancement rates.

Job Seekers

To assist job seekers with identifying their employment present and future goals.

Workplace Excellence

To support departmental goals through soft skills training.

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